John is the only Gospel writer that records these very intriguing events where Thomas struggles with doubt and then proclaims his belief in Jesus as both Lord and God.

Because of John’s account, the disciple Thomas has forever been branded with the unfortunate reputation as the doubter. But in many ways it is an unfair reputation because Scripture tells us in Mark 16 that the other disciples also doubted when witnesses like Mary Magdelene told that them that Jesus had risen for the dead. It wasn’t like every other disciple quickly believed except Thomas. But when Jesus first appeared to the disciples, Thomas wasn’t with them.

And so he now becomes singled out.

But instead of calling him the doubter, we should instead call him what he IS, the Believer.  Because that is who he became.

You see, every single one of us could be called something based on who we were before we placed our faith in Christ. We could be called The Rejector, The Cynic, The Denier, the Doubter. But when we place out faith in Christ, we take on a new identity – The Believer.

John’s purpose in sharing with us these events wasn’t to shame Thomas. Wasn’t to embarrass Thomas. But to show us that our doubts can be turned into belief. And to tell us that there is blessing for those who believer and never physically saw Jesus.